Bruised Heart

I long for the the day when you want to speak to me and not because you’re in trouble or need something. I beg you to stop emotionally abusing me into giving you what you want. It doesn’t matter what I give or how much I give because to you, it’s consistently insufficient. Never have my acts been returned with a “thank you.” Instead I get an ache in my gut telling me that this will not be the last time. It’s painful knowing that I’m just a mere tool, only to be used and unappreciated. 

Do you understand how much it hurts to be so powerless, unable to say “no” because it’s coming from someone I love? From someone that’s supposed to love me unconditionally.

After we speak, I’m always left with the same thought: ‘Are all families like this?’

Two Sentence Halloween Short Stories

Happy Halloween, witches and demons!

May your cauldrons be overflowing with chocolate and your window sills be lined with pumpkins…Enjoy these two sentence stories.

I wake up at midnight to check on my newborn baby and strangely, I can’t hear him crying or whimpering. When I enter his bedroom, the crib is empty and a chilling voice comes from behind me, “Mummy.”

I usually liked sleeping with my back facing the closet. That was until I was sent a photo of my sleeping form, taken through the door shutters.

She was sobbing on their bed alone then suddenly felt a cold arm wrap around her shoulders and her boyfriend whisper, “Don’t cry, my darling.” But she buried him in their garden last week.

Looking in the mirror, I see a bloody face with a broken jaw, dirty hair, ripped clothes and a right arm hanging loosely from its socket. I lift a shaking hand to my clean face and notice the clock behind my busted reflection: 12:30pm, this is me in an hour.

I place the shoebox on my lap and riffle through its contents of private close-ups, wide angles, coloured and grayscale photos. Why has my wife taken all these photos of our neighbour’s daughter?

His eyes zoomed in on the girl standing near the corner of the conveyor belt and grinned to himself, he has finally found his next victim. Her suitcase would later be labelled as ‘unclaimed’.

Mummy and Daddy brought home a little boy last week. Sometimes I wake up to find him standing over my bed holding a pillow.

Screaming before falling asleep comforts him. It reminds him that he is still alive, unlike the decaying body beside him.

I watch anxiously as the planchette leads my fingers across the board, ‘J’ ‘O’ ‘I’, a crash from the flat upstairs briefly breaks my concentration and when I look back at the board, my hand is now resting on ‘E’. A cold presence washes over me, I feel a tongue flicker against my ear like a snake, “JOIN ME” and a hand clamps over my mouth silencing my screams.

I enjoy getting praises especially during halloween for my realistic decorations, my personal favourite is the family of skeletons hanging from the tree in my front garden. On a related note, their house next door is now for sale.

What scary two sentence stories can you come up with? 🙂 Let me know!