The worst secret keeper

Notoriously known for blurting out secrets, Ross was proud of himself for staying hush until today.

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Bruised Heart

I long for the the day when you want to speak to me and not because you’re in trouble or need something. I beg you to stop emotionally abusing me into giving you what you want. It doesn’t matter what I give or how much I give because to you, it’s consistently insufficient. Never have my acts been returned with a “thank you.” Instead I get an ache in my gut telling me that this will not be the last time. It’s painful knowing that I’m just a mere tool, only to be used and unappreciated. 

Do you understand how much it hurts to be so powerless, unable to say “no” because it’s coming from someone I love? From someone that’s supposed to love me unconditionally.

After we speak, I’m always left with the same thought: ‘Are all families like this?’