Two Sentence Stories

I spent days rewriting and perfecting my vows. But I never got to say them aloud.

Spent 17 hours in labour with twins. Only took one home.

My girlfriend and best friend were found in a car crash with suitcases and my dog in the back seat. I still cry at night for my dog.

I watched as they sentenced my mother to 10 years in prison. As she disappeared through the doorway, I let out a sigh of relief.

A bouquet of a dozen red roses. One for each hour they were married.

I could hear everything that was happening around me. But they couldn’t hear me screaming to not turn off life support.

He called his Mum to tell her that he and his kids are no longer visiting this weekend. She blew the candles on her birthday cake alone.

She watched as her husband was laid to rest. No-one noticed the small smirk on her face or the fact that her sister was crying harder than his mother.

A couple told their 12 years old son that they were getting a divorce. They heard him on the phone planning a party later that night.

I sent her a text saying, ‘See you at home’ and immediately got the reply, ‘Can’t wait.’ She was buried last week.

What do you think? What 2 Sentence Stories can you come up with? 🙂 I am excited to know!



I welcome the escape of nature.

A beautiful green forest with the bright colours of blooming and blossoming flowers – red, purple, yellow and white. My fingers itch to pluck them from the soil. If I find some daisies, I can perhaps make a daisy chain.

The breeze blows my long blonde hair back. Goosebumps form on my face and neck as the cool air makes contact with my skin.

The warm grass feels so soft under my bare feet. I step out of the shadow of a tree trunk and into the sunlight which instantly warms my skin, causing me to relax and feel at ease erasing all my previous worries away. The sun is hidden by the tall trees and its branches.

Walking deeper through the forest, I come across the sound of soft crashing and flowing water. It brings me towards a beautiful, blue waterfall. The water is so clear, I can make out the cave and rocks behind the waterfall.

A few people jump off from the top with their arms raised above their head. Excited screams and carefree laughter briefly disappears into the waves.