Every Woman Should Own A GTB (Gorgeous Tote Bag)

Bags are like friends; a woman can never have enough. And a tote should definitely be your BFF.

There are many reasons why a tote is crucial to every lady’s closet and this post is my personal opinion of why.

  1. Stylish 24/7

Having been around since the 17th Century and being a necessity since the 1940’s, totes timelessly prove that they have never gone out of style (and will not any time soon). Today, totes have become the finishing product to establish the image of an feminine, graceful and confident woman.


  1. Versatile

I find that tote bags compliment every occasion from professional to casual, for example, going to the office or going to the gym. Totes are ideal for every responsibility a woman is given and successfully makes them look chic whilst doing so.

Tote bags comes in various designs and materials. My personal favourite is leather, though I am not opposed to a printed style.


  1. Spacious

Totes comes in different shapes and sizes. There’s a variety of items that can fit inside a tote depending on how big you want your bag to be. For business women, it can easily store a laptop, or your trainers for when you are travelling home from work. When using a tote bag there is rarely an instance when another bag is needed, many belongings can fit inside with plenty of room left over.

Other belongings that are able to fit inside includes; a make-up kit, extra clothing, personal planner etc. The list is endless.


  1. Durable

Tote bags were originally made from good-old fashionable and reliable, canvas.

However, being around for centuries has increased the selection of materials that could be used to create these bags, for example, leather, suede, PVC fabric, nylon. These strong materials are used to make the tote last-longing in addition to offering a variety of different styles to meet your personal style.


Do you agree with my list, and that every woman should have a GTB?


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