Quality not Quantity

‘A good short-story writer has an instinct for sketching in just enough background to ground the specific story.’ – Lynn Abbey.

Lately, I have been getting into the habit of creating Six-Word Stories and Two-Sentence Stories as writing exercises to form an idea.

The beauty about these short stories is that there is always a sense of ambiguity to them. It leaves an impact on the reader because it allows their imagination to come up with their own conclusion or background to the story.

The most well-known Six-Word Story is by Mr. Ernest Hemingway himself; ‘For sale: babies shoes, never worn.’ In these six words, an entire story was created.

Compacting a story into a few words or a couple sentences is a hard and head-scratching challenge but it poses as a great writing prompt which can be developed later on.

Below are a few of my writing examples;

  • Had Siblings. Now an only child.
  • He knew it was a mistake but it was too late to run away now, he opened his mouth and said the two words he’s been dreading. “I do.”
  • Wedding Morning: Bride wakes up alone.
  • Besotted with the memory of him.
  • You always save me from myself.
  • She found him under the floorboards.

Strongly recommend creating your own Six-Word Stories and Two-Sentence Stories, it will stretch your imagination.

Happy Writing!



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