Time to pick up your pens…turn on your devices

Hello lovelies,

Feeling creative today? Then let’s do some writing!

Ever feel like you have the itch to write, but your mind is drawing blanks?

Well, here are few of my favourite writing exercises that never fail to get me in the creative mood, and hopefully they can help you too:

  1. Find a random object in the room. Answer these questions: ‘How old is the object?’ ‘Is it in good condition?’ ‘Where was it purchased?’ ‘(Apart from yourself) What kind of person would need it/use it?’ ‘How did that person come to own it?’ ‘Why is it so significant?’
  2. Turn your favourite song/poem into a short story.
  3. (Very subtly) Listen to other people’s conversations. Use a sentence they say as an opening line.
  4. Your name is trending. Why is it trending? What would you do to make it last, or make it stop?
  5. Write about something that has happened to someone you know. Write about it as if it happened to you.

I hope you find these exercises enjoyable and useful.

Happy writing!


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